Institutional Update

Recruitment: Three new members have joined the team in the Head Office in Johannesburg. We’re pleased to welcome Lindelwe Nkala as Financial Accountant, Annie DuPre as Content Editor, and Relo Matundu as Front Office Manager and Executive Assistant.

Communications: Our 2016 Annual Report: Impact Defined has been released electronically and hard copies will be mailed shortly. The French version is under production and should be available before the end of May.

In preparation for the rhino translocation from South African to Akagera National Park in Rwanda, was launched to host content from the historic move. The microsite will stay up indefinitely where updates on the rhinos will be made periodically.

Peter Fearnhead (who presented), Toni Condon and Andrea Heydlauff participated in the Impact Forum in Washington DC on April 20th which was run by Fred Nelson of the Maliasili Initiatives which brought together US-based funders and practitioners to discuss key conservation issues. Peter Fearnhead also presented at the Optimism Summit on the 22nd hosted by the Smithsonian Institution that brought together hundreds of people from the conservation space.

The Virtual Reality film “The Protectors: Walk in The Ranger’s Shoes” about Garamba’s rangers premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York on the 22nd of April. Directed by Academy Award-winning Kathryn Bigelow and Imraan Ismail and produced with National Geographic, Here Be Dragons and Annapurna Pictures, it follows a day in the life of our rangers in Garamba, taking viewers to the frontlines of the battle to protect elephants from ivory poachers. The premiere was followed by a panel discussion, with special guest Hillary Clinton and featuring Kathryn Bigelow, Andrea Heydlauff (African Parks’ Chief Marketing Officer), Imraan Ismail (writer of the film) and Rachel Webber (National Geographic). The event, an important moment for our rangers on the ground, was widely covered by numerous global media outlets and African Parks received tremendous support with Secretary Clinton calling on people (both there in the audience and later through her Twitter account) to support African Parks through our platform.